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FREE ! Libre! Walang Bayad Cebuano Tutorial or Tagalog klase

FREE ! Libre! Walang Bayad Cebuano Tutorial or Tagalog klase

FREE ! Libre ! Walang Bayad Cebuano Tutorial  or Tagalog  klase when you buy a Cebuano course material.


Free, libre , walang bayad na klase . 30 lessons for Course Intro to give you understanding of the dialect. There are several benefits you can enjoy when you already learned how to speak Cebuano. The contents of this course are really a great help to the learners. There are other things discussed in each video apart from the lessons.  its truly a fun to learn a dialect and converse with the local. With that you can understand them , understand what they are talking because not all of them can understand and speak Cebuano. Not only in Cebuano , this dialect is spoken  , the neighboring provinces and cities have quite similarity to Cebuano. 


20 lessons for the Conversational Tagalog 1

Free, Libre , walang bayad  Cebuano or Tagalog  klase . Learn the most important parts of learning Tagalog or Filipino. The confusing pronouns ‘ako ‘ vs. ‘ko’ and ‘ka’ vs ‘mo’ When to use the ‘um’ verbs’ and what particular pronouns are correct to partner them. The formation of simple sentences and phrases which will surely help you a lot when you speak . Several helpful vocabulary lists are included as this course target learners are for all levels. Like English, Filipino has idiomatic expressions also . A kind of funny but they are exciting to learn.  

Paid private classes via skype and hang out are available anytime you are ready. We can adjust to your time zone so , time difference is not a problem. Our team teaches the best way that learners can quickly learn and remember words without difficulty. Aside from learning Tagalog and Filipino, we also discuss the tradition and the culture thing to give complete understanding of the Pinoy and the Philippines.





A free class when you buy a learning material package for either Cebuano /Bisayan or Tagalog/Filipino.

LIMITED SLOTS  para sa mga ilan na swerteng estudyante.


skype id: aubrey.esmeralda