UNLIMITED Cebuano Classes for a Month


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UNLIMITED Cebuano Classes for a Month



We are offering UNLIMITED classes for 30days. You can take anytime anywhere for as  long as you want for a specific duration. We would like you to learn Cebuano for this affordable fee. 

Unlimited Cebuano for a month has  a course outline to be followed according to your pace of learning . A choice of lessons and topics to learn. There are so many interesting things to know in Cebuano, the beautiful culture and the interesting  history.Since this is a private course  , you have all the chance to study without minding other students.

Some Cebuano words are spelled with j like jud. You can also combine words to create expressions. Some words are similar to Tagalog or Filipino. Cebuano speakers can easily be identified because of their accent . 

Cebuano Greetings :

Maayong buntag

Maayong udto 

Maayong hapon

maayong gabi-i

You can also use the word ‘maayo’ to describe any noun . ‘Maayo’ means good. You can learn the basic of sentences formation. 

Question words such as kina, unsa, kanus-a and more are so confusing . A dialogue in many situations using these questions are included in every session to be trained properly for the dialect. There words are quite funny as they are known as the  best comedian and positive  nature. They are also are the best singers and most talented. No wonder , foreigners fall in love to most Cebuano ladies. 

This course is for any level. Some have been here in the Philippines for quite sometime and so have a previous knowledge . Lets see where we can start. 

There are so many benefits of learning Cebuano. 

schedule of classes are during the day Philippines time but time can be  arrange  which is convenient for both. 


You can pay via worldremit , moneygram, western union and paypal. 


skype id: elaic.tagalog


email add:

A portion of the amount you paid will be given to our ‘foundation’ .


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