Tagalog Learning Materials 5 (Audio)


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Tagalog Learning Materials 5 ( audio)

Tagalog Adjectives Set A

Tagalog adjectives Set B

Tagalog learning materials audio 5 has 5 awesome video lessons that you will surely enjoy listening. 

These two sets of adjectives is a list of numerous words useful for daily conversation. All  meanings of each word have given clear explanation in the sentences and expressions. You will also learn lots of cultural notes  which will give you more understanding about Pinoy and the Philippines. You can easily learn Tagalog as these videos show how to use them in sentences and phrases. 

Tagalog Adjectives Exercise set 1

This audio intends to check how far you can remember the lessons.  Tone and accent plus their meanings are very useful in learning Tagalog. You will notice that a change of a single letter can change the meaning of the word, could be from good to bad word .


Location as Comment

Location as Comment 2 with exercises

These videos explained how to use Tagalog words to identify location . The 2nd video has exercises. ( referred to the book of Mam Salumbines)


WARNING: Pronounce the word correctly, otherwise you may mean another word which can be offensive or embarrassing .

Dont be serious : Of course we know you are learning Tagalog. We understand your flaws.

The length of the lesson for each audio is ideal , enough to learn a language for the day. 

Tagalog is the dialect widely spoken through Katagalugan areas. Filipino is the national language .  Although mostly of the Pilipinos can understand English but not all of them can express themselves in English so it is still a good idea to learn Tagalog/Filipi

Tagalog learning  materials 5  ( audio ) is  surely worth the money you paid.

You will just amazed how interesting and funny are the Pinoy tradition and culture.

Happy Learning ! 

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LIVE CLASSES WITH OUR EXPERT TUTORS are available according to your time zone. Try us and surely you will have fun learning  both Tagalog and Filipino.

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