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Tagalog and Filipino Full Course 5 Months Unlimited Classes

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Tagalog and Filipino Full Course 5 Months Unlimited Classes

Maagang Pamasko!


Its Almost Pasko na po!


Tagalog and Filipino Full Course 5 Months Unlimited Classes for any level, beginners, intermediate, advance level of any course, conversationa, grammar and vocabulary. Book your course now!

We are giving an early Pamasko sa aming mga magiging estudyante. Ito ngayon ang Tagalog and Filipino promo for a month . We want to share with you how beautiful is our culture and tradition. You also noticed how funny and positive nature are the Pilipinos. But have you realized that you will certainly enjoy moving around Philippines when you can speak and understand us? 

Ang Tagalog ay isang dayalekto sa Pilipinas and ang Filipino talaga angn lingwahe.

There are so many learning materials available online and in the bookstore but do you think they are enough to learn about us?

There are over 100 dialects spoken all throughout Philippines but the national language is Filipino. Pinoy as the slang term for Pilipino have been living and working from all over the world. Anywhere you go, you can meet one of them. Say Kumusta ka? You hear us say ‘kababayan’ a term use by Pinoy when they are outside Philippines which means same Pinoy. 

We say ‘salamat’ when we mean thank you and’ Maraming salamat’ when we mean ‘thank you very much’. Adjective marami is place before the word salamat and the connector -ng is added. Thus you wont forget the word ‘marami’ because it means’ many’. You can combine that with any nouns like ‘maraminig bisita’ ‘maraming turista;, ‘maraming lamesa’ ‘maraming kanin’ .

But be careful not to change a single letter in every Filipino word because it could mean different thing and surely you will be in great trouble.  Words such as ‘ingAt ka’ means ‘you take care’ but when you say ‘ingOt ka’ means ‘ you are stupid. Ay naku ha kaya ingat , ingat din pagmay time.

Attending a live class privately can you give you freedom to ask what you want to learn. 

The audio and video materials available in our store can teach you the tone and accent depending to what you mean . Each word included in the video and audio have given multiple meanings. 


Payments can also be via Western Union or Moneygram  or WORLDREMIT.

name; Imelda O. Cabrillos

mobile #: +639330114275

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