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Cebuano learning Course


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Study and learn the Cebuano dialect with our expert teacher.


This is a private course which gives more freedom for both to learn any topic. There is a course ready but if you   have some preferred topics then we can go for that.

Cebuano has so  many terms similar to Tagalog/Filipino .  Mostly of the words are borrowed from Spanish with the strong regional accent as they may say it. Some words have Spanish pronunciation unlike the Filipino  that there is no silent letter.  Lessons are engaging and fun as mostly of the Cebuano are great comedians and positive nature . 

Cebuano words, phrases and sentences are so easy to learn. Once you knew the basic then you can easily learn the rest. Combination of words to create correct sentences. Like in English , tones and accent when changed , may also change the meaning . 

This is a promo course to give you a taste of learning and how we teach the dialect. Expect to learn more about Cebuano , about Cebu and more about Philippines. We would like our learners to understand more of the culture apart from the language . 

Cebuano is a dialect spoken in Cebu. Some neighboring areas around the city are speaking similar to this.

It is a brilliant idea to learn Cebuano and there are several good reasons to do so:

  • You can express yourself in Cebuano,
  • Understand what they are talking,
  • Will keep you in  the safe zone because not all Cebuano can speak and understand English . 
  • You can get discount when you buy because they are thrilled to hear you speak Cebuano 

ELAIC has several learning materials in various formats . They are handy  and downloadable to any gadgets  perfect for all levels. 

We also accept payments via Western Union and WORLDREMIT.

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Name : Imelda O. Cabrillos

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