Alamat Ng Mga Daliri: A Tagalog Vocabulary Book


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Alamat Ng Mga Daliri : A Tagalog Vocabulary

Alamat – legend

Daliri- finger

Sibling- sister/ brother 

reklamo – complain

gutom- hungry

may awa ang Diyos – God willing , God will have mercy 

The Legend of the Fingers is a story about the five siblings who were once together but because of an incident that tested their love to one another, different principles and outlook in life came out that cause them to be separated at the end. If you noticed, although Pilipinos are known to their close family ties but there are still many who for whatever reasons dont have a good relationship at all. Some are just fine without talking to their siblings even for a lifetime.  

Several expressions, phrases and words are clearly explained  , formal and informal are used in this legend. There are no exact translation in English . Tagalog is a different language , and so it has a set of its expressions with no equivalent in English at all. With the sentences pattern, you can easily follow them to construct your own correctly.

The legend was divided into several chapters, each sentence are translated in English . A list of vocabulary for each sentences were given meanings and used in the sentences. 

This book was designed for any level of Tagalog/Filipino learners. The legend was divided into short paragraphs and sentences to explain clearly the meaning of words and phrases. As you noticed, Tagalog/ Filipino words, phrases and sentences do not have exact meaning in English but rather an equivalent on how it is uttered in Filipino and how you say it in English.

This aimed to introduce to its learners and readers  the unique language and  the different cultures in the Philippines.

This is a series of books. you can check the other books available. 

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